Rocket Man Can Pack M3001 GR-1

Backpack Beverage System

Backpack Beverage System

Beverage type
Cold beverages without gas supplied by the beverage tank (gravity feed) and also Cans, (PET) bottles. Snacks or packaged products in cylinders.

Tank capacity
5,3 gallons (20 liters)
Or 24 Pet bottles 20 oz. (0,50 liters)

22” X 14” (inches)
55,8 X 35,6 (cm)

Filled weight
52,0 Pounds / 23,58 Kg or
36,0 Pounds / 16,3 Kg with cans

Sign dimensions
Center back sign:

26,67 x 47,62 cm

Two side signs (each):

17,78 x 33 cm

Serving sizeNumber of servings
8 oz/23,6 cl84
10 oz/29,5 cl67
12 oz/35,4 cl56
16 oz/47,3 cl42
24 oz/70,9 cl28
Product Explanation

Each Can Pack M3001 GR-1 what inclued:

  • Insulated backpack cover with padded shoulder straps, hip belt & lower back support
  • 20 liters plastic bladder
  • Hose assembly
  • Cup dispenser
  • Divider when serving Cans and botles
  • Sign compartment (3)
FAQ Frequently asked questions

What types of beverage products can the CAN PAK (#M3001-GR1) dispense?

With this backpack you can serve all kinds of cold drinks, in addition to beverages supplied in bottles (PET) or canned and also packaged snacks.

How much does it weigh when filled?

Weighs about: 23.5 Kg. But you can introduce less liquid to weigh less. E.g. with 10 L weighs about 12.0 Kg., the same as with 24 Pet bottles of 0, 5l.

How are the beverages kept cold?
All our equipments have a high quality thermal coating that ensures the maintenance of the desired beverage temperature.

How long does it keep the beverage temperature?
For about 3 hours.

Will I need additional accessories?
No. Even the cup dispenser is supplied with the backpack.

And spare parts in case of need?
We have always in stock the most wear parts as they are, tanks, spigots and complete hose assembly.

How can I put my logo on the backpack?

All our backpacks have compartments for advertising material, properly protected by vinyl covers and easy to open/Velcro closure, protecting the advertising material from dust and rain.

And abou warranty?
/ 3 years warranty from the date of purchase.
// Rocket Man repairs or replaces any component free of charge, whenever the detected deficiency originates from a manufacturing defect.
// Repairs by normal wear of equipment, accident, misuse or negligence are not covered by the warranty

Replacement Accessories

20 liter beverage tankRef. 3111
20 liter beverage tank
Complete hose assemblyRef. 3113
Complete hose assembly
SpigotRef. 3114
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