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— Mobile drink systems —

Start your own business

The drink sale is one of the most profitable businesses of the world with high volume of sale and low cost of preparation. Our mobile dispensers are ideal for the sale of all type of drinks as cold or hot , carbonated and not carbonated. Ideal for sport events, concerts, fairs, parades and places with great affluence of people, from parks, recreational centers, beaches and touirist attractions , until commercial places, centers, buildings, factories, bus shutdowns, terminals, railway stations, powerboats etc.

Promote your clients brand

Our equipment allows you to promote your clients brand in an innovative way.Sampling will be more easy. Sample more in shorter periods of time. Our drink dispensers are a powerfull advertising tool. You will reach people and places that they never reach before. Use it as a key tool in your sponsorship programs. Take attention that 90% of the backpack is sign area.

Increase your profits

If you are drink manufacturer, has a restaurant or cafeteria, our equipment is an ideal tool for the mobile sale of your products. Our dispensers will allow you to sale your beverages such as coffee, tea, soda waters, refreshments, juice, beer, wine, liquors, soups, consommes and even plastic bottles, PET and snacks in a fast and comfortable way.

Improve your business

If you have a business where your clients make a row when they wait to be serve, like banks, public dervices, customer care centrs etc., you can use our equipment to offer an excellent service offering a coffee or drink of courtesy to them while they wait for being taken care.

Increase your employees productivity

Use our equipment to serve a drink to its workers, collaborator and employees such as Coffee, juice or water while they are working, improving its health and the productivity of your company.

Health, education and sports

Our drink dispensers are ideal to distribute liquid foods, medecines and vitamins in hospitals, health centers, or during medical missions. Serve drinks that contribute to the health, concentration and physical development of children and young people in classrooms, schools, colleges and sports facilities.

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