Mobile beverage systems such as coffee backpacks, backpacks for beer, backpacks for water, backpacks for tea, backpacks for chocolate, backpacks for champagne, among others and also for wine, juices, colas, liquid soups, ice cream, olive oils … and also used with liquid disinfectants, such as alcohol and gel, of great use in the fight against the pandemic of Coronavirus Covid 19.

ROCKETMAN, is the world’s leading manufacturer of mobile beverage equipment (backpacks), with worldwide sales…we always have the SOLUTION!


Rocket Man Equipment, is the world’s leading manufacturer of Mobile Systems for use with all types of beverages and also suitable for use with ALCOOL, GEL and LIQUID DISINFECTANTS – excellent for combating the pandemic of CORONAVIRUS Covid19 – and also in snacks.

Since its beginning in 1992, when the first prototype was developed in a garage till this days, it has had a successful journey demonstrated both in exports to more than 100 countries worldwide.

Our equipments, are suitable for all places with large crowds of people such as in large shopping centers, sports stadiums, amusement parks, music festivals, educational establishments, hospitals, airports, sea docks, beaches and seaside resorts, factories, museums, metro stations, taxis, buses…. as well as in all places where the flow of people is significant and requires the use of large capacity dispensers like ours for fast and efficient service.

– Global Sales Division –

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