Prices & Conditions


If you would like to receive our price lists and/or accessories, please request them through the MENU (contacts) as well as to indicate which is your country, since we have 2 price lists:
// in € EURO (only for European countries);
// in USD DOLLARS (for the remaining countries outside Europe);

Note: Our prices do not include the air freight cost which is always paid by the customer.

Proforma invoice

Without any commitment, we can prepare a total quote (Proforma Invoice) so you can know with accuracy the overall cost (equipment and air freight included) of the order that you want to perform.

To draft the Profroma Invoice, we need:
// Buyer’s name (Individual or company);
// City and respective delivery ZIP code;
// International Airport nearest to the destination.

Customs duties and taxes are not included in the PROFOMA INVOICE, which vary from country to country.

Payment options

All and any equipment or accessories, are always prepaid, and through:
// Bank transfer to the account of our headquarters in the USA;

Shipping location

Our equipments, are always shipped directly from our Central warehouse of our factory – located in U.S.A. – for any country from all continents.

Shipping way

All our equipment, are sent by plane to the international airport nearest to the destination of the customer, via FEDEX.

Delivery time

Within +-48 hours FEDEX services collect the equipment in our warehouse and its delivery takes in average +-8/10 days in any city in the world. In the day after the collection of the order for dispatch, FEDEX provides the TRACKING NUMBER so that the customer can monitor the daily location of his order and estimated date of arrival at the destination airport.

Note: To speed up all the shipping process , we appreciate that customers send us by email at once, copy of the Bank document corresponding to the transfer.


// All ROCKET MAN products benefit from 3 YEAR WARRANTY from the date of purchase.
// ROCKET MAN repair or replace any part free of charge, whenever detected deficiency originates in manufacturing defect.
// Repairs from normal wear and tear, accident, misuse or negligence are not covered by the warranty.
// The shipping costs of repairs, are always borne by the customer.
// It is not required any registration, to enjoy the privileges of the warranty.

Return policy

Rocket Man products may be returned, since they are completely new and unused and in its original box, within 30 days from the date of delivery.
// Return air freight cost is the full responsibility of the customer.
// It is applied a 20% restocking fee for returned products and that when accepted by Rocket Man.

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